Computer Science

Master in Computer Science

The JKU Master in Computer Science is a 2 years full-time program with 120 ECTS points. It is delivered in English and comes with 6 areas of specialization. Graduates are awarded the degree Dipl.-Ing. (comparable to MSc). For details see the Curriculum Guide.

General structure

The program consists of a Major Subject, a Complementary Subject, Free Electives and a Master's Thesis with Master's Seminars.

  • The Major Subject (25 hours/week or 37.5 ECTS) is the core of the curriculum. It can be selected from six areas of specialization:
    - Computational Engineering
    - Data Science
    - Intelligent Information Systems
    - Networks and Security
    - Pervasive Computing
    - Software Engineering
  • The Complementary Subject (18 hours/week or 27 ECTS) allows students to extend their Computer Science skills beyond the Major Subject. Students can freely select courses from other areas of specialization or from a catalogue of elective courses.
  • The Free Electives (8 hours/week or 12 ECTS) are courses that can be chosen from any degree program. They provide students with the opportunity to educate their personality and to acquire skills beyond Computer Science.
  • The Master's Thesis (25 ECTS) is the final project. It is accompanied by two Master's Thesis Seminars (16 ECTS) and a Master's Examination (2.5 ECTS).


Graduates of the JKU Bachelor's program Informatik are admitted without restrictions. Bachelors of Artificial Intelligence, Wirtschaftsinformatik and Elektronik und Informationstechnik are admitted under the condition that they complete a list of courses as part of the Complementary Subject.

Graduates of Computer Science or related programs from other universities are admitted if their degree programs are basically equivalent to the Bachelor's program in Informatik at JKU. Equivalence is determined during the application process. Differences between programs can be compensated by replacing one or more courses from the Complementary Subject with courses specified in the notification of admission. If equivalence cannot be fully established the notification of admission can require additional courses with up to 20 ECTS points.

For further details, please see the admission FAQs.

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